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The New York Mapguide

The New York Mapguide - Michael Middleditch Dear Michael Middleditch, thank you for making my recent trip to NYC that much cooler!

It seems like everyone has an iPhone or the equivalent these days, and since those come with a map app, what's the point of carrying around an atlas, even a pocket atlas?

For one, a book like The New York Mapguide does not drain your phone's battery.

Secondly, it is tremendously helpful in fleshing out your vacation when you haven't spent enough time prior picking out sights to see and things to do. Countless tidbits of info can be obtained herein that can't be found on your phone. Sure, you can Yelp up a restaurant or locate that address on Google Maps, but that map won't necessarily tell you that Studio 54 is close by the Ed Sullivan Theater. Nor will it give you a concise nugget of interesting info about a sight in the margins. Nuggets like those have driven my feet an extra block and around a corner to see some amazing things I never would've known existed.

The New York Mapguide is great for map lovers, but I would urge anyone to grab one of these (there are books on Paris, London, Amsterdam and St. Albans, UK), and even if you don't carry it around with you on vacation and constantly refer to it like I did, at least read it before hand or while you're on the plane. It will surely enrich your trip!

Things I Would Have Missed If Not For This Book

Fraunces Tavern/Museum - It's wicked old. It's a museum, but it's still running. This was where Washington gave his farewell speech when leaving office. Saying "see ya, suckas!" at a bar is a pimp way to go out.

Edith St. Vincent Millias' house - Without knowing it, I mentioned this location as we were walking through Greenwich Village and it turns out she was my wife's favorite poet! Bonus: It's right down the street from Milk & Cookies!

Andy Warhol's Factory - Or at least the void of where it used to be. That's the only problem with this book: published in 2003 it's already slightly out of date.