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The Assassin's Knot (Module L2) (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

The Assassin's Knot (Module L2) (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) - Lenard Lakofka "Assassin is spelled ass ass in," I clearly remember telling my disbelieving best bud Dan in 4th grade. Ass, ass, in…ha! Still cracks me up!

The Assassin's Knot was more than the ordinary Dungeons & Dragons adventure. It was a murder mystery! In this sort of sequel to The Secret of Bone Hill (yes, you better believe more adolescent fun was had over the bone in that title!) the object is to discover who killed the Baron. The killer must be found before he kills again!

Your search leads you to a small village just dripping with assassins. They're all undercover of course, but you can tell who they are. Just look for the sinister fu manchu and shifty eyes. Solving the mystery is not mind-bendingly difficult…well, at least figuring out who didn't do it is fairly easy. This plot wasn't written by Agatha Christie. Though, I should hand it to Lakofka for giving enough detail and suggestions to provide the basis for a fun game experience with unexpected surprises and plenty of player latitude to do just what they pleased, without going overboard and micro-managing each step the players took.

I played this only once when I was about 11 years old and I didn't know what the hell was going on. I followed every deadend lead and went on wild goose chases…literally chasing after an octopus in a lake for no damn good reason. I fiddled around at the inn (gratuitous buxom wench obviously included), futzed about with the town drunkard, and went door to door annoying the town's inhabitants. If memory serves, I ran out of time and never caught the murderer.

If you were a player who loved to roleplay, this was one of the ultimate modules for your style. Unless you forced it, there was very little of the usual hack-n-slash going on here. In fact, there's hardly any monsters, just a whole lot of sly foxes with their cunning traps. In The Assassin's Knot it seems like everyone's in on it, but you!