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The Wreckers (High Seas Trilogy)

The Wreckers (High Seas Trilogy) - Iain Lawrence
(I'm dusting off and resurrecting the ol' "INCOMING" baby...)


Forget it! I'm through with this!

The Wreckers a book with an old timey feel about ship-wrecking on the coast of England should be right up my alley, and maybe it would've been, but at only about a quarter in, I'm giving it up. I found Iain Lawrence's book amongst the audiobook shelves at my local library and the summary made me think it could provide a pleasant diversion while I was doing yard work or what have you. Oh the promise was there.

But then Ron Keith, the narrator, opened his stupid mouth. I swear this chuckle monkey can't keep a straight face. The dude is reading about a shipwreck and dead bodies floating in the surf and it sounds like he's smiling the whole time. I can actually hear a grin. Seriously, he sounds too damn happy to be reading somber stuff. I know this book is meant for a younger audience. It has a Treasure Island feel to it. Nonetheless, when a freakin' serious scene comes along, Mr. Narrator Ass Man, try to sound a little less like Santy Fuckin' Claus distributing joy to the fucking world!!!

Keith needs to stick to children's books. This sample of The Wind in the Willows is a good example of his proper place: http://excerpts.contentreserve.com/FormatType-425/1694-1/450675-TheWindInTheWillows.mp3

I hate giving up on books, but I knew this one would grate on me the whole way through, so it had to go. Better that than make myself miserable and, by proxy, my wife. She hates it when I force myself to read annoying shit.

Rating: I'm not rating this one, because I didn't finish it and besides, it wouldn't be fair to Lawrence. Lord knows, he's not to blame for the bloody awful narration!