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The Man Within

The Man Within - Graham Greene, Jonathan Yardley Every once in a while I see The Man Within on my Goodreads "read" shelf sitting all but entirely on its own and I think I ought to give it more Graham Greene friends.

I read this about 20 years ago and my recollection of its minute details are quite vague, but one thing I do recall clearly is that the book itself is quite vague. The feeling of its utter starkness oppressed me then and sticks with me to this day. But I'll have a crack at a brief summary...

There is a villain, naturally our hero in the story, who has betrayed his cohorts and is on the lamb. A woman takes him in and shows him the righteous path, and gets killed for her kindness. In the end a selfless act redeems our hero in a most Sydney Carton way.

The story stays pretty linear. Its scope is narrow. The details are sparse. The Man Within is a baby step of a book. You can see Greene feeling his way as a new writer.