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A Tolkien Bestiary

A Tolkien Bestiary - David Day, Nancy Davis In ye olden days of the mid-1980s books and bookstores focused on money and power. Finances and the law were hot topics...elves and magic, not so much. So when I, a humble Tolkien fan, discovered this brilliant tome of all things Tolkien I nearly cried.

A Tolkien Bestiary is an illustrated collection of Middle Earth creatures. The drawings are stark, they are beautiful, they evoke emotion and brought to life the author's work at a time when there was little else to go on visually aside from - though personally beloved and earnest as they were - honestly subpar animated movies. I reveled in this thick book packed with all manner of man and monster. It sparked imagination in me in a way few things have ever done.

Rating: 4 stars w/an extra given purely out of love.