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Tooth and Claw and Other Stories

Tooth and Claw and Other Stories - T.C. Boyle Slackers, drunks, bartenders, drunken bartenders, casual drug users, and a whole host of ne'erdowells populate story after story of Tooth and Claw, a collective, mostly contemporary look at the modern day, average joe.

I don't recall the last time I enjoyed reading go-nowhere character sketch stories as much as I did this collection! That's not to say there are no exciting plot turns or hilarious situations gone wrong. Humor is plentiful herein. But it's the language that bought it all together. The words slid from the page in a don't-want-to-put-it-down pleasant flow and seldom did I put it down, except towards the end of the book when I neared my fill of drinkers getting their drink on. However, even repetition did not tarnish my overall enjoyment.

TC Boyle, TC Boyle, TC Bloody Boyle! If you live in So Cal, visit libraries and book shops, or join a book club, you are bound to hear the name TC Boyle sooner or later. Usually sooner than later and usually often. I was beginning to feel a little inundated with the Boyle after a while and I hadn't even read any of his books. I don't like to be goaded by peer pressure, so I stubbornly hold out when I feel like the world is trying to shove an author down my throat. That means I miss out on some undoubtedly good stuff, but it also means I don't miss out on some crap. In this case I was missing some good stuff. I will definitely seek out another Boyle book.