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Facts About Finland

Facts About Finland - Otava I've been a descendent of Finns for over 40 years now...It's about time I learned about Finland.

And learn about it I did! This was a great starter book for getting to know about the country, its people, history, culture, etc.

Certainly there are generalizations. A 190 paged book about an entire nation's existence can't help but let slip with a nationalistic platitude now and then. And they barely mention the raging alcoholism or its incredibly high suicide rate, but it's essentially a book for tourists, so it must be forgiven.

Even though I have a built-in interest in Finland, I've dragged my feet when it came to learning about the place, because frankly it doesn't naturally excite interest. Finland has never been a world-stage player. It is a cold, quiet kind of place that stays out of the way. The exposure it's received doesn't go much further beyond this utterly dull Monty Python song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rwc3VGvlRY But I've learned a little bit about it now and I'd have to say in the words of Michael Palin, it's a place I'd quite like to be...at least for vacation...after I hit up a few other places first.