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El Vocho - Steve Lafler Full Disclosure: This is by my friend Steve. Of course I am going to be my usual honest self, but I just thought you all should know.

In the graphic novella El Vocho, a lanky white artist dude gets into a fender-bender with a saucy Mexican chick, who changes his life and car forever.

The artwork reminds me of a more mature Archie Comics. It has a further throwback element in that the gangster baddies are very Dick Tracy.

El Vocho breathes. Some panels could be said to be unnecessary and some comics readers might complain that the story moves slowly. I like an action-packed thriller, but I also don't mind when a writer, musician, artist, or whatever allows the scene to unfold naturally, lets a note linger longer to coat the ear in the desired ambience, or gives the eye a moment to rest upon a mood-setting image.

Yes, the script could be tighter, but as I say, that doesn't concern me too much. An area that could use improvement is in the transitions. One or two of them "clangs" a bit, ringing false. A smoother read throughout would've upped my rating. But all in all, this quirky and inventive little story is a fun read!